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Recessed Lights

Interesting light effects can be achieved by the use of recessed lighting fixtures. They are available in many different types and thus allow a flexible use outdoors. Recessed lights provide the right level of atmospheric and functional lighting for a get-together with family and friends on the balcony, on the patio or inside the garden.

Compared to indoor recessed spotlights, outdoor recessed lights are distinguished by particularly high quality standards. They have to be weather-proof and resist temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Outdoor Recessed Spotlights - illuminate discreetly

Outdoor recessed spotlights disappear, just like their counterparts for indoor use, discreetly in the architecture. However, they have to fulfill much higher requirements. The outdoor area requires a greater degree of protection and more resistant materials. Ground luminaires are especially required. Kick-resistant glass and stainless precious metal are a prerequisite for high-quality, weather-resistant outdoor lamps.

Swarovski shows that minimalist lamps can donate unique lighting. Through a special touch, the light is released refracted and multifaceted in rich effects into the room. Special RGB LED lamps dive the enviroment in addition in different colors and can selectively affect the mood.

Even conventional LED recessed spotlights offer numerous advantages thanks to their energy efficiency and long service life. Manufacturers like Fabbian obstruct LEDs increased therefore.

LightingDeluxe offers many selected recessed spotlights, which can be used in outside areas for orientation purposes, donating atmosphere, or illuminate certain areas targeted.

Also in the conservatory outdoor recessed spotlights are suitable. Different variants are available, which are perfectly tailored to your needs. So external radiators can be an eye-catcher by particular color selection or special lighting effects, despite its minimalist design. Even restrained variants can be found in the range of LightingDeluxe. These disappear in the architecture and donate discreetly and especially specifically direct light. So special areas can be highlighted. It does not matter whether this is meant to be guidelines, or draw attention to a special piece in the garden, it should steer sculpture or blooms.

Many manufacturers offer a harmonious, holistic approach, which allows you with a lesser degree of protection for the interior lights to combine series with a higher degree of protection, especially for outdoor luminaires. These special series become increasingly popular and so it is no wonder that more and more manufacturers realize their interior lights for outdoor use. They attach particular importance and quality - regardless of whether processing or materials. This can be seen and it is also reflected in the strength of the lights, which is very important especially outdoors.

Thanks to this trend LightingDeluxe can offer an even greater range of different outdoor recessed lights, which covers all tastes. Especially important for us is the issue of sustainability. Particularly LED bulbs should be mentioned that are characterized by low-emission production processes as well as energy efficiency and durability. Many manufacturers offer their lights with LED technology, which are also available in different light temperatures. Particularly high individuality has the RGB bulbs that range can be easily adjusted by yourself. Especially Swarovski offers a large number of different RGB LED downlights.