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Anthologie Quartett

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Anthologie Quartett- Crystal lamps and more

Anthologie Quartett was formed in September 1983 in Hannover as a collection of architecture, design, art and fashion gallery called "Quartett". The first drafts were presented in 1984 at the international furniture fairs. In 1987 Anthologie Quartett was spun off the company.

Anthologie Quartett began with the production of high quality designer furniture, home accessories and crystal jewelry. Later, lights were added, which are the special interests of the company until today. A recent streamlining of the corporate structure and a return to the popular lamps series, succeeded Anthology Quartet to intensify its focus on. The classic designs  are complemented by innovative designs, which also confer the timeless lights to more facets.

Thus we find, for example, the LED technology also in traditional lights, for which Anthologie Quartett is well known. Thanks to the will to innovation the traditional manufacturer benefits of advanced technology without abandoning the typical designs. Through the experience with delicate materials and production processes, the German manufacturer offers an unparalleled quality.

Thanks to the large offer, which contains, among other furniture, the manufacturer knows the influence of light can have to a room and the interior. Light can lead, set a course or conduct. Light affects mood and arouses emotions. Light is much more than lighting. It's design and feel.

Through careful editing the finest materials of the lights by Anthologie Quartett  you can see the respect with which the employees make the products. But also the projects of well-known designers are the ones who represent the manufacturer. Design and manufacturing - these are the two main aspects that makes the ongoing success of the company. Anthologie Quartett stands for decorative light for living. For innovation and timeless classics that are still as relevant today as when the company was founded.

The manufacturer Anthologie Quartett is well known for the high quality crystal works and the exquisite designs. With the popular and enchanting series “Cellula” ,which is available as Pendant Light, Wall Lamp and Ceiling Light , the masters of his craft Nunzia Carbone and Tiziano Vudafieri created a modern classic.

The Crystal Rain series, which impresses with its opulent Pendant Light and the faceted crystal cut, is also a figurehead for the German manufacturer. The lampshade is made of Swarovski crystals that have been honed by machine at the highest level and mounted on a hand-machined stainless steel structure.

Inspired by the nature, the designer Michael Topor captured the typical characteristics of each season for the beautiful JAHRESZEITEN series. Winter shines through numerous crystals that recall the Frost, whereas autumn offers noblest leaves of high-quality metal.

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